This was my first Powwow (Thanks to Cathy who drove me there!)..  and I loved it!  There were venders selling Indian apparel and leathers, feathers and so many wonderful things!  The dancing was outstanding and always done to a group of men on the drums.

If you have never seen a Powwow I hope the photo’s below give you some idea of what goes on at one.  

Enjoy. (I did!)




(sometimes, dancing is a family affair!)

My Favorite Dancer…

I want you to meet Xander, one of my absolute favorite dancers! (he made my mind talk to me and I knew that if I were young, I would like to dance like he does)  You will find some “blurry shots” as he moved so fast, but I find I still see what his costume looks like in  motion.  Oh, by the way.. this favorite dancer of mine is but 15 years old ! Only one word to describe him: Phenomenal !!




He had so much energy and put it to use in his Fantastic Dancing!

The Aztec’s headdresses were fantastic, and their dancing always told a story.



Christmas with Kessy

Christmas morning in Vero Beach… is already to hot to open the door for fresh air. ..  Such is life in southern Florida.

This is Kessy Kitty;s “furist” Christmas. 

So… picture one, so neat and nice, is the “before shot”… (I want to say that 2 gifts for me aren’t shown here.  One is my gorgeous Hobbit poster from Kelly and my beautiful English Calendar from Cath and another gift came over the email as a Amazon gift card from my friend Michelle.. With lots of love, I thank you all so very much!)


Kessy got nosey early on… and check out the wrapped gifts.   I need to mention that the wrapped gifts are from my dear friend in California, Kris Walsh.  (if ever I want something that no one can hack into I will let Kris wrap it for me! *snort*)

The first box I opened was for moi… and wow! Kris remembers my love of Indian “trinkets” !! You do know how to surprise me!  (love. love. love!!)

Kris also sent me an Amazon gift card… She obviously really knows her friends well! (danke.danke.danke) And she topped it off with a box of Truffles! Candy! really Kris? I can’t afford the next size of clothes! lol lol

Then “we” opened a gift from “Aunt Kris” for Kessy.. at first she wasn’t sure if the gift was the paper or that silly looking monkey!

She quickly decided it was the silly Monkey!

She also figured out real quick that “this is for me!”  She loved he colorful tinfoil balls and played with them right away but all the shots I tried to take of her were blurred.. she just wouldn’t stay still!

Then she rested with her monkey by her side..

..and decided the silly monkey was actually a pretty cute monkey!


Thank you Aunt Kris for my first ever Christmas presents!!!  Mom and I both love you!!

And last… the “after shot”…

 December 17th, the Clydesdale’s came to Vero .  My good friend Jackie took me to see them, and we had a nice time.  Met a few very nice ladies that we didn’t know and all in all.. just seeing these magnificent beasts is always worth the hassle of parking!.. Enjoy the photo’s!