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This was my first Powwow (Thanks to Cathy who drove me there!)..  and I loved it!  There were venders selling Indian apparel and leathers, feathers and so many wonderful things!  The dancing was outstanding and always done to a group of men on the drums.

If you have never seen a Powwow I hope the photo’s below give you some idea of what goes on at one.  

Enjoy. (I did!)


(sometimes, dancing is a family affair!)


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I want you to meet Xander, one of my absolute favorite dancers! (he made my mind talk to me and I knew that if I were young, I would like to dance like he does)  You will find some “blurry shots” as he moved so fast, but I find I still see what his costume looks like in  motion.  Oh, by the way.. this favorite dancer of mine is but 15 years old ! Only one word to describe him: Phenomenal !!




He had so much energy and put it to use in his Fantastic Dancing!

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